The Obsession with the Oven, Came from Childhood Memories


"Ding...ding...ding...ding!" The founder of HUNLO Bakery never missed a single "oven-fresh" moment during his childhood. For him, that was the magical moment when the heat, temperature, and ingredients inside the oven came together to create something extraordinary. The warm oven, the incredible aroma of freshly baked dough and ingredients, and the anticipation of the completion signaled by the sound of "ding!"—everything related to the oven was captivating. For the founder of HUNLO, the oven was not just a cooking tool; it was a treasure chest that stored happy memories and created delicious moments.


Driven by the spirit of craftsmanship and a passion for ovens, the founder of HUNLO dedicated years of research to oven technology. In terms of the most critical element of an oven—temperature—he conducted numerous tests and improvements. Finally, he developed an exclusive electric current conduction technology that ensures the utmost temperature uniformity during baking. Safety was also prioritized, leading to the incorporation of a gas ignition detection and alarm system.


Humanity Design, The Warmest Oven


The internal components are manufactured in Germany with excellent quality, and imported insulation materials are used to achieve optimal insulation effects. The user-friendly control panel makes the interface operation convenient and easy. "HUNLO Bakery" has a solid manufacturing technology base and benefits from the guidance of Japanese technicians, allowing for localized production and comprehensive custom services.


With a design that emphasizes practicality, safety, and reliability, HUNLO has gained the favor of renowned food factories, bakeries, and pastry shops nationwide. It has successfully fulfilled its vision of bringing happiness to more people through ovens. With a strong foundation and the belief of a trusted professional oven brand, HUNLO continues to create new and joyful baking memories.

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