Microcomputer Professional Oven



Microcomputer Professional Oven

Product Description

The most fulfilling oven. Our pursuit is not only to help you easily bake delicious bread but also to provide a power that brings a sense of happiness when enjoying it.
Product Details


1. Optimal baking results - even heat distribution ensures that the bread maintains moisture, resulting in a moist and tender texture.

2. Precise temperature control with microcomputer technology, allowing separate settings for upper and lower heating elements.

3. Optional features include steam, infrared, fermenter, oven racks, and various other requirements. 

4. Specially introduced three vibrant macaron color options: light violet, light haze green, and cream yellow, combining professionalism with style.

5. Imported thickened insulation cotton is used to enhance heat retention, improve baking efficiency, and save energy.

Bake with Happiness ; Bake with Joy


Model: HL-111E

Electricity: 220V  1P 

Power: 3KW

Productivity: 1 layer, half tray

Baking tray size: 350(W)x450(D)(mm)

Interior Dimension: 400(W)x495(D)x180(H)(mm) 

Exterior Dimension: 750(W)x650(D)x530(H)(mm)


Model: HL-112 Mini Fermenter

Electricity: 220V  1P 

Power: 1.1KW

Productivity: 4 layers, half plate 

Baking tray size: 350(W)x450(D)(mm)

Exterior Dimension: 750(W)x650(D)x680(H)(mm)


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