Top-Lift Electric Oven



Top-Lift Electric Oven

Product Description

Taiwan's leading brand in oven technology.
The top-tier oven that understands you the best
Japanese precision, German craftsmanship, and authentic Taiwanese spirit.
Product Details

1. The machine features an aesthetically pleasing, three-dimensional, and streamlined  design.

2. It is space-saving, easy to operate, with high reliability, superior performance, and high energy conversion efficiency.

3. Each oven layer can independently bake different types of bread.

4. Each layer can be controlled independently.

5. The oven door is equipped with a large window and reinforced glass, allowing clear observation of the baking process, reducing the frequency of door opening and minimizing heat loss.

6. It provides optimal baking results with fast heating and even heat distribution.

7. It is ideal for use in hotels, schools, and small to medium-sized bakeries.

8. It can be optionally equipped with steam and stone plates based on specific requirements


Model: HL-336E

Electricity: 220V/ 380V  3P

Power: 18KW 

Productivity: 3 layers, 6 trays

Interior Dimension: 970(W)x790(D)x220(H)(mm) 

Exterior Dimension: 1140(W)x1040(D)x1650(H)(mm)

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