Rotary Rack Oven for Nuts



Rotary Rack Oven for Nuts

Product Description

Taiwan's leading brand in oven technology.
The top-tier oven that understands you the best
Japanese precision, German craftsmanship, and authentic Taiwanese spirit.
Product Details

Innovative. Surpass Tradition

Customizable, the most user-friendly oven

Optional nut receiving tray and nut-specific punching baking pan

1. Exclusively innovate and develop a special oven for nuts, equipped with a DC motor to control the wind speed accurately.
2. Energy such as electric heating/gas/diesel fuel could be adjusted based on client's needs.
3. The combustion machine exhibits superior performance and high reliability.
4. The machine incorporates a complete design for recirculating the exhaust air, minimizing heat loss and achieving uniform baking temperatures.
5. The return air of this machine is completely designed to recycle the heat, reduce heat loss, and make the baking temperature uniform.
6. No need to adjust the wind speed when baking any nut products, easy to operate.
7. The insulation material is imported fiberglass, which provides excellent insulation and high heat resistance.
8. The furnace door is equipped with transparent and double-layered tempered heat-resistant glass, which is impact-resistant and less prone to breakage. This allows for convenient observation of the baking process inside the oven.
9. The trolley entry and exit are equipped with an automatic lifting pedal device.
10.Suitable for mass production needs, the hot air circulation is heated evenly, and the nuts are evenly colored.
11. During installation, it can be disassembled and assembled, unaffected by spatial constraints


Electricity:220V/380V  3P


Productivity:32 trays

Baking tray size:customizable 

Trolly size:customizable 

Energy:electric heating/gas/diesel fuel (depends on needs)

Exterior Dimension:2260(W)x1720(D)x2260(H)(mm)

include fume extraction hood depth 1900(mm)

include motor height 2580(mm)

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